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The World Has Changed But Our Mission Remains The Same.

Get Inspired, Trained, and Connected.





Christian Community Developers
Training for Community Development

The Need For Authentic Connection Has Never Been More Urgent

Despite all that has transpired in 2020, you can find hope in the knowledge that the Holy Spirit is still moving in your community. And equally so, you can find hope in the knowledge that the Holy Spirit is still moving in you. This year, we gather as a community to recognize and center on the faithful presence of God’s Holy Spirit. We gather so that we may stand together as a vast army, energized and animated by the very breath of the Almighty.

At CCDA’s Collective: A Virtual Gathering, you will be inspired, trained, and connected to a community ready to help you be faithful to bearing witness to the Kingdom of God in your local ministry.


Find Solidarity through the CCDA Collective: A Virtual Gathering


Be Inspired by Daily Centering Voices

Hear from Christian Community Developers and other leaders on how to center your work in response to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Find Connection with Other Leaders

Attend and engage in Affinity Connections with like-minded peers.

Get Trained by Leading Practitioners

Join Masterclasses to dive deep into the issues facing our communities and receive guidance from seasoned practitioners.

Engage in Critical Conversations

Participate in Critical Conversations with practitioners and leaders from across the country.


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You are not alone.

Over 1,500 Members And Member Organizations Like Yours Are Connecting Through CCDA For The Work Of Community Transformation

3 Steps for Getting Equipped to Bear Witness

to the Kingdom of God in Your Community


Mark your calendars for October 1-3. If you’re part of a church or group, invite others to join you.


Join with other Christian Community Development practitioners and leaders who are also passionate about their community.


Return with renewed zeal to further the work within your own local community.


CCDA Family and Friends,

I am humbled and deeply gratified to be a member of CCDA! We are an association of practitioners, committed, compelled reconcilers, and wholistic community developers who are passionate about God’s reclamation and restoration work in our local communities. For over three decades, CCDA has presented a compelling vision consisting of a well-articulated philosophy and featuring a constant call to action on behalf of the poor, the vulnerable, the marginalized and the forgotten in every locale.

What we do, what you do - day in and day out - to live into the call of God upon your life and bear witness to His Kingdom – this is sacred work. It is missional work. It is necessary work, especially, in the severity of this moment. Yet, the work of confronting systemic injustice, bridging social and relational divides, and building for the future with a Kingdom lens can, at times, feel isolating. 

Forging the kind of transformation we long to see in the earth requires patience, sacrifice, and a “spirituality for the long haul.” It also requires a sustainable network of people and resources; a community of like-minded peers who will support and uplift, strengthen, encourage, and spur us on. Simply put, we need one another and we are better together. 

This is why we are hosting The CCDA Collective: A Virtual Gathering this October. 

It is precisely in times like these that we recognize our need for meaningful connection; the importance of gathering with “family.” Therefore, we invite you to join us this fall.

1) Register for our Collective gathering. It will be 100% online.
2) Engage in online learning, critical conversations and affinity connections across dozens of sessions.
3) Be inspired and become better equipped to do the Kingdom work of community development within your context.

Friends, we are in a precarious moment, but we know (that we know) that God is still moving. And we desire to live into this “collective” moment together. Whether you are brand new to CCDA or a seasoned practitioner, Come. Be refreshed, be remembered, be reconnected – filled with the breath of God in a fresh new way at The CCDA Collective.

President and CEO of CCDA


Rev. Cecilia J. Williams

President & CEO of Christian Community Development Association

Hear from Leading Voices October 1 - 3

Enid M. Almanzar

Cecilia J. Williams

Wayne "Coach" Gordon

Dr. John M. Perkins

Eugene E. Cho

Barbara Williams-Skinner

Quincy Shannon

Sandra Van Opstal

Bethany Rivera Molinar

Rudy Carrasco

Troy Jackson

Alexia Salvatierra

Efrem Smith

Terrance M. McKinley

Dr. Otis Moss III

Adam R. Taylor 

Jonathan Brooks

Joyce Del Rosario

Dominique Gilliard

Mayra Macedo-Nolan

Ruth Anna Buffalo

Jamie Jessup

Michelle Ferrigno Warren

Michael-Ray Matthews

Kimberlee A. Johnson

Q Nellum

Donna Barber

Terence Lester

David W. Swanson

Erina Kim-Eubanks

Monica Curca

Steve Park

Rici Skei

More Exciting Speakers To Come!

More Exciting Speakers To Come!




3 Centering Voice Presentations

Movement defining talks designed to inspire your participation in community development.


32 Masterclass Sessions

Practical how-to sessions designed to help you take next steps in your mission with topics including:

CCD Immerse


Social Entrepreneurship

Worship in the Midst of Unrest

A Theology from the Border

Leading Youth Through the Critical Moment

Building Neighborhood Capacity

Educational Equity in the Now

Using Media, Art & Activism to Ignite the Story

Rediscipling the White Church: From Cheap Diversity to True Solidarity

The Matrix

Intercultural Competence

Spirituality for the Long Haul

Workforce Development

Market Solutions for Community Transformation

...and more!


12 Critical Conversations

Participate in stirring conversations around vitally important topics facing our movement today including:

Church in the Moment

Practitioner Shift in the Age of COVID & Unrest

Healing Racialized Trauma

Pushing for Change In Protest

Rebuilding Communities Affected in Civil Unrest

A Theology of Place

On Staying at the Table: Rethinking Reconciliation

Transforming Structures: Building Relationships & Advancing Justice

Using Media, Arts & Activism to Ignite the Story

Influence for Good: CCDA and Civic Engagement

… and more!



24 Affinity Connections

Your chance to connect with other CCDA practitioners from around the country. These live conversations will give you relationships to help your work in the future.


Racialized Policing

Rural Networks

Healing Racialized Trauma

Leader Coaching

Community Practitioner Coaching

CCD Mental Health/Social Work Professionals

Millennials in CCD

GenZ in CCD

Cohort Reunion

Women of Color in CCD

Gender Equity

Social Entrepreneurs / Impact Investing

Youth Ministry Workers

Indigenous Networking Session

Educational Equity

Emerging Voices of Color

Global Connections

Environmental Justice

Voter Engagement & Support

...and more!


3 After Parties

A chance to relax at the end of the day and enjoy some fun on the journey! 

Register Before The Price Increases



  • 3 Centering Voice Sessions
  • 12 Critical Conversations
  • 32 Masterclasses
  • 24 Affinity Connections
  • 3 After Parties
  • Co-creation Call for Art by CCDA Community Members Display
  • Collective Gathering Program Guide
  • Access to recorded video sessions for 3 months





  • 3 Centering Voice Sessions
  • 12 Critical Conversations
  • 32 Masterclasses
  • 24 Affinity Connections
  • 3 After Parties
  • Co-creation Call for Art by CCDA Community Members Display
  • Collective Gathering Program Guide
  • Access to recorded sessions for  until October 10



SITE LICENSE For Teams of 10


  • Interested in hosting a large group? If you would like to facilitate your team of up to 10 people to experience the Virtual Gathering in a single location consider a Site License. 
  • You'll gain access to all events and content from the Collective Virtual Gathering to watch together from a single account.
  • We suggest you explore options to project the video or use an external display for optimal viewing in a group setting.
  • For 10+ people, please purchase multiple licenses. Each license is intended for up to 10 people.

"The beautiful thing about CCDA is that we’re taught about the ability of people in the margins to lead. What we have to do is nurture and develop and come alongside them."

 — Terrance Hawkins


At CCDA, we know that you are a leader, a Christian Community Development practitioner who is passionate about reclaiming and restoring your local community. Driving the work for transformation requires passion, stamina, and a sustainable network of people and resources. Especially today.

We want to see relational division reconciled - systems of injustice and inequity transformed - hearts changed. Sometimes it can feel like you're all alone, right? We get it — not only have we experienced this ourselves, but we have also seen many practitioners and leaders going through the same sense of overwhelm during current times.

We believe that you shouldn’t feel alone in your journey to restore and reclaim your community. Every community developer should have access to a community of like-minded peers to find inspiration, training and connection.

That's why we're hosting the Collective Virtual Gathering for you in October.